DECEMBER 5-8, 2024

Unlocking limitless possibilities!

Our SUPER EARLY BIRD rate has flown away,
but until May 31st, 2024, we are offering an EARLY BIRD rate.


Be part of a unique CAPS 2024 Convention experience in tropical Costa Rica!
Push beyond your comfort zone and discover your limitless possibilities!
Are you ready to lead the way to speaking excellence?

Imagine a world where your passions and expertise converge, where inspiration flows like a river, and where you find the keys to unlock your true potential. Now, picture this world in the heart of tropical paradise – Costa Rica!

The CAPS Convention is not just any event; it’s an invitation to a life-changing journey, an opportunity to rewrite your story, and a chance to connect with kindred spirits. We extend our arms to you, inviting you to join us in Costa Rica for an unforgettable experience that will reignite your passion, purpose, and drive. Join us and unlock limitless possibilities!

Note to non-members:

Costa Rica Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belen

Accommodations feature modern rooms and suites with unrivaled amenities and décor. Many Costa Rica rooms and suites showcase inspiring mountain or skyline views.

Book your room – Group discount rates are now available!

Visit the hotel website for more options and information:

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Travelling to Costa Rica will be good for my business. I’ll be networking with like-minded professionals whom I value both on and off the stage. We need the time away to relax, recharge, and re-energize.

Rhonda Scarf, CSP, HoF, Global Speaking Fellow
CAPS Past-President & Founding Member

Holding our annual convention in Costa Rica, I think it’s a fantastic idea! I’m in!

Bob Gray, CSP, HoF
CAPS Toronto

Costa Rica for CAPS Convention 2024?  Why Not??  From my perspective, it allows CAPS members to broaden their horizons to opportunities and cultures many may not have experienced. The bonus is obviously the weather!

Susan Luke Evans, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow
CAPS Toronto

I am thrilled to hear that the Board approved holding the 2024 National Convention in Costa Rica. I think it is an excellent decision for several reasons. See you all in Costa Rica in December 2024!

Merge Gupta-Sunderji, CSP, Past National CAPS Board

Wouldn’t it be fun to try something new, unexpected, novel? Novelty is very attractive to the brain and wakes up all sorts of pathways for creativity. We are thought leaders, change-makers, inspirers and energizers! Let’s lead the way!

Deri Latimer, CSP
CAPS Past-President

In a remote and exotic destination, a different level of excitement, bonding and creativity seems to emerge. We are both very excited and we will be among the first to register.

Steve & Jane Lowell
CAPS Past President, GSF Past President

The idea of having the convention in Costa Rica is fantastic for so many reasons! Looking forward to connecting with everyone again.

Sunjay Nath, CSP, HoF
CAPS Past-President

CAPS in Costa Rica! What a great place to be inspired and deepen our connections with each other. Compelling content, warm culture and great company – all in the tropics.

Scott Armstrong

A Convention held in the relaxing atmosphere of a place like Costa Rica – built around enhancing connection and building a shared memory – seems like the perfect package.

Sam Demma
CAPS Toronto

Questions? We have answers. Check out our convention FAQ’s below!

If you have questions not answered here, please send us an email to and we’ll get back to you!

December 5-8, 2024.

Many attendees are already planning to come in a couple of days ahead of December 5th and many are equally staying beyond December 8th. We encourage you to arrive on the 4th in order to ensure your arrival for our kick-off convention experience. You should also plan to enjoy the President's Ball, which is the final event of the convention on the evening of the 8th. If you’re not extending early or afterwards, travel days on December 4th and 9th would likely be ideal!

The convention focuses on "Unlocking Limitless Possibilities" and aims to inspire speakers to soar, offering a life-changing journey and an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals.

All of the registration fees, registration dates and information can be found here.

Yes, there was a $475 discount for registrations made during the first 72 hours of the convention announcement. (now expired). The Early Bird Pricing that is in effect until May 31 would see a $200 discount off the regular fee.

At the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belen. You can learn more about our beautiful host hotel here.

Yes, discounted rates are available for booking here. We also negotiated the discount rate ahead of and after the convention, by several days on each side, so you can extend your time* there if you choose to!  *based on availability

Your outstanding registration fee balance will be due September 15th, 2024. You will receive an email reminding you that your payment is required.

Absolutely! If you are looking to expand your reach, impact, and revenue by growing your speaking, training, coaching, or consulting business, we invite you to consider attending! Registration options and details can be found here.

Our convention is the pinnacle event of the year and always promises inspiring sessions, incredible networking opportunities, and a chance to elevate your professional speaking business. Our program often includes a combination of keynote speakers, concurrent expert-lead sessions, breakout sessions for attendees to mastermind their own business - such as Meet the Experts and Power Partners, robust panel discussions, and plenty of time to connect with other delegates. You can watch as the program builds and look for speaker announcements and other details right here on this site.

Time and time again, year after year, attendees tell us that the connections they make and the conversations they have are one of the absolute highlights of their convention experience - so, yes - there is time both on and outside of the organized schedule for networking opportunities with other delegates. This year, given our tropical location, we’re looking forward to some unique ways to facilitate those connections!

Information about becoming a CAPS member is available on the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers website here.

Yes. The convention team is hard at work organizing sessions, speakers, and other programming components. Check back here on the convention website for details as they are announced!

There will be a call for submissions in April of this year. Follow the CAPS social media channels, check your inbox and revisit this website to watch for it. Submissions are received for concurrent sessions, mini-keynotes, ‘Meet the Experts’ leaders/topics, and Health & Wellness sessions.

Yes, you can! Details for plus 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and more are available here.

Yes, there is. Those who are registered will receive details on how to download and get logged into the app ahead of your arrival in Costa Rica.

An exciting excursion, as part of the convention schedule, is in the works! Watch this site for emerging details.

You should wear what you're most comfortable in!

This year, given the warm climate location, we encourage attendees to include shorts and tropical options in their luggage, from casual to business. Just remember, that while temperatures outside might be hot, in the convention spaces and meeting rooms, air conditioning will ensure a cooler experience, so please consider bringing a sweater or light jacket to be comfortable. No matter what - be comfortable, and for the President’s Ball - don’t forget your dancing shoes!

If there are specific dress code suggestions, we’ll be sure to identify them on the schedule of events!

Most meals are included in your registration fee. Those which are included will be clearly identified on the schedule of events. Those where meals are not included, we’ll identify that too so that you can make plans with other attendees and connect while you eat, if you choose to!

The Costa Rica Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belen does provide WiFi service throughout the property.

Becoming a Strategic Partner allows you to create a more lasting impression with convention attendees and network alongside them, and gives you the ability to speak with them one-on-one. You will have the opportunity to be showcased to our entire convention delegation in our pre-event marketing and communications, as well as at the Convention.

We’re interested in creating an experience for our sponsors that is meaningful and impactful for your investment. Reach out to us so we can talk about what that can look like and we’ll work to design something that’s meaningful to you.

Email us at with the subject line 2024 Convention Sponsorship, and we’ll be in touch!

Looking to help out during the Convention? We’re always looking for event volunteers onsite, at our event – from Room Hosts to Airport Greeters and a whole host of other opportunities. If you’re registered to attend and are willing to step up generously and volunteer, please let us know here.

There are! If you’re one yourself, consider yourself one of our VIP’s! No nuance there. You’re a Very Important Person to us, and we want you to not only feel welcome, but meet others who are attending their first convention too, and provide you with a whole host of informative tips to ensure your experience is amazing!

Watch for VIP session details in the schedule as it’s released!

Your flights should arrive into Juan Santamaría International Airport. The airport code is SJO.

A word of caution: When searching for your flight options, be sure to use SJO and/or ensure your search results are for San Jose, Costa Rica.

San Jose in California is not where you want to land!

Our host hotel is less than 15-minutes from the SJO airport. You can see the route here. Transportation options are plenty, from traditional taxis, to popular ride-share apps, such as UBER.

There are just too many to list! Feel free to visit the Costa Rica Tourism site here, where options are plentiful for you to explore outside of the convention agenda, if you’re arriving early or staying afterwards.

You should consult your government's website for any visa requirements or other associated information for travel from your country of origin to Costa Rica. You can find information here as well.

Global Exchange Office offers exchange rates for more than 30 currencies. It’s open 24-hours at luggage rack 3 in the SJO airport.  US dollars are widely accepted throughout Costa Rica.