Alan Stevens, FPSA, PSAE, Global Speaking Fellow, MCIPR

Past president of both PSAUKI and the Global Speakers Federation, Alan is a speaker, author, and media coach.  Coming to us from ‘across the pond’, we are delighted to welcome Alan to our convention main stage as a master of ‘Building and Protecting your Reputation’!!

Alan Stevens is a former national and global president of the speaking profession, and has a focus on building and protecting the reputation of his international clients. He has received every national and global speaking award, but still has the same hat size as when he started out over 40 years ago. He speaks all over the place, to all sorts of people. He has written a few books too. The Independent newspaper listed him as one of the UK’s top ten media experts. He lives in London with my wife and daughter, where he enjoys running, rock music and fine food and wine, though not all at the same time. He was in Monty Python sketch, worked with David Bowie on the first night of the Ziggy Stardust tour, and is a Guinness world record holder. That’s probably enough!

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