Meet the Experts – LSGB Edition

Learn, Share, Grow and Belong with insights from Hall of Fame/CPAE speakers, CAPS Past Presidents and Global Speakers Federation speakers and leaders. Take part in 3 rounds of 20-minute discussion in small table formats. Learn from our industries best of the best. Participate in the sharing of knowledge, wisdom and experience. Help grow your business. Feel the power of belonging to our Community. Registration for this session opens November 15th – register early to secure your preferred seats.


Kristin Arnold, CSP
Get Known As THE Expert!

Wouldn’t it be great if clients found you – and you didn’t have to go call on them? Come to find out how Kristin has achieved 25% growth by dominating online search in her hyper-niche. In this rapid-fire session, you’ll walk away with quick, easy techniques to position yourself as THE expert.

Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP, CPAE
How to Succeed in this Business and Have a Life Too!

There are many ways to structure your business model. Instead of chasing the latest shinning technique, join Lenora, who started her business 32 years ago, to learn ways to enjoy this amazing profession and have a life away from work too.


Susan Luke Evans, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow
So You Want to Speak Globally??

In 30 years of speaking on 6 continents & over 50 countries, I’ve had experiences I never dreamed possible, challenges beyond my wildest imagination, and the privilege of working with amazing clients in awesome places across the planet. If I knew then what I know now, I’d do it again in a heartbeat & make different mistakes – I’ll share both my mistakes & successes, answer your questions, & perhaps assist you in expanding your horizons & your business by sharing tips that will encourage you to travel the world doing what you love!!


Shelle Rose Charvet, CSP
Product Development – do’s and don’ts

is so much more to the speaking business now.
Find out the key lessons when

  • writing, publishing and marketing your books
  • developing apps and software
  • getting and keeping your intellectual property
  • creating and marketing of online programs
  • business models that do it all – provide value, make money, establish your credibility and bring in more speaking business
  • working remotely with subcontractors to get more done in less time!

And all your questions of course!


Linda Edgecombe, CSP, HoF
No BS Allowed – just straight up Talk

In this roundtable discussion, I will discuss how 2018 has been the biggest year of all the past 25. And, how in the Month of May, I booked more business than most of my full years previously. As well, I will pull no punches and tell you the cost that it has had on me, my family and friends. Oh and I promise it will be a hell of a good time. Wine may be involved.



Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE
Lessons Learned: Shortcuts to Success

Lessons Learned: Shortcuts to Success: There are so many ways you can be a success in the business of speaking and even more ways you can fail. If I was given the opportunity to do it all over again, what would I do differently? What did I do correctly and what mistakes have I made? In this 20 minute session, I will share the “whoo-hoos” and the “bummers” of my 25 years as a professional speaker and give you insights designed to significantly cut your learning curve no matter where you are in your own Professional Speaking journey.




David Gouthro, CSP
Engage or Enrage

As speakers, I believe we have a responsibility to engage our audiences more fully, with the intention of helping them integrate the learning much more thoroughly than by simply listening to our words of wishdom (wishing people would do something with them). You’ll leave our conversation with several specific ways to quickly and easily engage your audience. More importantly, you’ll be motivated to come up with your own tools and techniques to do the same. And if you already have a few tricks up your sleeve, please be prepared to share them!


Bob Gray, CSP, HoF
20 min’s with Bob Gray

As long as you don’t have questions about budgets, business plans, quarterly goals and the like, (because I’ve never had nor set them), then feel free to pick my brains on anything to do with keynoting, memory….oh, and talking backwards!







Elias Kanaris
Growing Your Consulting Business from Stage

Are you good on stage? Do you get great feedback from your audience?

Would you like to turn that feedback into further business? Too often as a speaker, you will tend to leave money on the table. At the end of your presentation, you get the accolades, but you don’t get any more money! In this session, you will learn how to identify key people within the audience that can lead you to more business.

During this interactive session, you will address the following topics:

– Are you a consultant that speaks or a speaker that consults?
– The danger of talking to the 5 x As
– How to create your niche
– How to identify the buyers in the audience
– What to package that you can sell to them




Michael Kerr, CSP, HoF
The Ins, Outs , Ups, Downs & Sideways of Working With Speaker Bureaus

Michael Kerr, CSP, HoF, shares his insights and experiences working with more than 20 different speakers bureaus over his 20-year career, including his experience listed as one of the top-10 most requested speakers with Speakers’ Spotlight for over five years. If you’re new to working with speaker bureaus and want to learn the pros and cons of partnering with a bureau, how best to approach speaker bureaus, what drives them nuts, and what makes them deliriously happy, then this is the session for you. (If you’re looking for how to make a squirrel origami, this is not the session for you.)

Alvin Law, CSP, HoF
The Meeting Planners Wish List

Alvin Law (CSP, HoF) has 37 years of speaking experience. Yes, he’s old! But what he knows is priceless. Instead of focusing on the obvious key to his success; an amazing and timeless talk, Alvin will share his thoughts on the ultimate prize in our business…pleasing the meeting planner!



Peter Legge, CSP, HoF, CPAE, OBC
How captivating keynotes will bring you speaking gigs for years to come

Stories have been captivating us since we were young. But what makes a story great?
I’ll share the key components of a memorable keynote that will hold your audience’s attention.
I’ll speak to how these compelling stories will continue to bring in bookings for years to come, and what YOU need to do to keep that momentum going.








Steve Lowell, CSP
The Killer Keynote Template

Whether you have 90 minutes or 2 minutes to present, use this simple, scaleable and powerful template to guide you in crafting a “Killer Keynote” address.

Save countless hours of brain-racking, life-sucking work crafting and learning a new message every time you have to speak to a new audience.

This template will help you:

  • select the most important content for your message
  • chose the right stories to support your message
  • position each and every point in exactly the right strategic spot within your message
  • remember your entire keynote easily
  • craft an entirely new keynote or signature talk in a fraction of the time

Joy Marsden, FPSA, PSAE
Bringing more of ‘you’ into your speaking

It is very easy in a success-driven society to feel like you have to fit in, and the very nature of fitting in means that sometimes, you lose the very thing that enables you to make your impression on the world … your uniqueness. Learn how bringing more of you into your speaking can get you more recommendations and make you more money.









Jeff Mowatt, CSP, HoF
Generating Repeat Business, Spinoffs, and Testimonials – How to grow your speaking business before, during, and after each presentation

You probably know a few average speakers who have solid business success. And you may also know of some great speakers who aren’t getting much business. Assuming you have solid speaking skills, what are you doing before, during, and after each presentation to get you rebooked and referred more often?

Jeff Mowatt, CSP, HoF will share subtle tips to get you rebooked with existing clients and referred to new ones. With over 26 years as a full-time speaker, and one of the ‘Founding Four” CAPS National Presidents, Jeff has seen literally hundreds of people enter the speaking profession, while relatively few have created a sustainable growing practice. Jeff will reveal how to:

  • Convert a single speaking inquiry into multiple events.
  • Motivate the audience and the client to refer you and rebook you.
  • Generate social proof that you deliver exceptional value – without having to pester your clients for testimonials.

Toni Newman, HoF
The truth according to Newman!

No theme. Ask me anything. Expect the unexpected. I’m not sayin’. I’m just sayin’.

Bob Parker, CSP
Questions About Getting that US Work Visa

You have thought about it, and wondered what it takes, so you have questions about getting that US work Visa. Come with your questions and we will point you in the right direction and provide as much clarity as possible.



Rhonda Scharf, CSP, HoF
How to WOW your Customers

Do you want your customers to say “Wow! She is a professional?” or “Wow! She is a professional!”Setting your brand, your professionalism, and your value is important on every step of the process. From initial impression online to final touch point with your invoice, your WOW factor is up to you. Make sure you aren’t leaving a less than WOW experience. Make sure you look like you are worth far more than you charge. Learn the 10 touchpoints where your WOW is either confirmed or questioned.





Peri Shawn
How to Take Your Work Online to Make an Additional Six Figures

If you are a seasoned speaker with content you know works and considering taking your work online, join Peri as she shares the resources and steps she took to take her results-driven program to the online world. She has taught in the corporate world for 15 years and in the entrepreneurial for just over a year (with no marketing). She’ll share the technology she uses, the questions she asks her corporate clients to get more virtual corporate work and how she generated an additional six figures by tapping into the entrepreneurial world without a landing page or a drip campaign. And if you are already online with your content, she’ll share what she has done to prepare for a strong launch in the future.



Joseph Sherren, CSP, HoF, Global Speaking Fellow
Preparing for Life After Speaking

We all have an expiry date, maybe it is just getting too old to travel, your prime topic becomes obsolete, an emerging speaker captures the market, or you experience a significant health issue that incapacitates you. How do you prepare for these eventualities that each of us will face?

Learn strategies which can help insulate you as significant life changes and market trends disrupt your speaking career.








Tom Stoyan, HoF
Answers to Your Toughest Sales Questions

Tom Stoyan, Canada’s Sales Coach, specializes in coaching professionals in acquiring and retaining more clients. As a CAPS family member, if you ever thought there had to be a simpler way to run your business, you are not alone. His goal is to reveal his secret for being in business for over 25 years… with the goal of ensuring you do the same!  For 25 years the largest companies in Canada have been referring “Canada’s Sales Coach” to each other. Air Canada, IBM, KPMG, Canada Post, Royal Bank, Best Western Hotels, Direct Energy, RBC Insurance, TEC, MCAP, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Rogers, GE, Sheridan Hotels, have all hired and then referred Tom to his next client. 

How? He has them become better prepared by helping them learn much more quickly from their experience. His approach has led to one client claiming a $20 million increase in sales as a result of using his coaching and sales philosophy. Bring your toughest sales question…& let’s put Canada’s Sales Coach to work!





Shirley Taylor, CSP
From Global President To Online Summit Queen

After completing my year as President of the Global Speakers Federation, I felt it was time to do something completely different, so I decided to organize and host an online summit – the Future Leaders Summit. What a journey it was! And now I’m hooked! I’d love to share more with you on:

• Why do an online summit?
• What’s your bigger picture?
• What’s involved in organizing a summit?
• Why do so many not reach the finishing line?
• What’s next after the summit?


Dan Thurmon, CSP, CPAE
Utilizing Video to Drive Biz and Build Brand

Are you using video to win business and expand the impact of your message? How good is your preview video? Do you have the skills and confidence to command the screen, as well as the stage? Having a video strategy, now more than ever is an essential part of every speaking business. Attend this “Pros” session with Dan to gain insight and ideas to help formulate yours.



Brian Walter, CSP, CPAE
Elevator Speech

Verbal Ping Pong: How to Give an Elevator Speech So that People Want You to Keep Talking Every week, you are asked THE QUESTION. It’s the single most opportunity-laden and awkward open-ended inquiry in your professional speaking life: “What do you do?” In Brian Walter’s Verbal Ping Pong™ session you’ll discover a complete contrarian approach to crafting your elevator speech. His powerful three-part formula will help you make your elevator speech compelling, memorable and conversational. You’ll be so prepared that you’ll never stress about how to answer THE QUESTION again.

Location: Date: December 11, 2018 Time: 9:00 am - 10:15 am